About Me

Hello, all you wonderful and inquisitive readers.7a30d2f7e879c95fb2974f14d18d3b6e-nirvana-chibi.jpg

So, I am MingDelta.

I also go by a few other nicknames:
Ake Yume (Dawning Dream)
君上霄 (Monarch Above the Skies)

I started this website on a particularly wet summer day. Not sure what exactly that means but it has been a quite a long ways since then.

Perhaps I was just too bored that day or I was inspired by the other translators in this awesome community. Not sure which but I think it hardly matters now.

I’m from the United States and as you can probably guess, I’m Chinese. I also currently a Junior in high school and hopefully I can accomplish my ambitions.

I’m an avid fan of poetry. You can read both my personal poems and my translated poetry via the drop-down menu up top. I plan on expanding both the historical and personal poetry in the near future.


I never really believed in a long-winded explanation of my life. Rather, even a simple explanation of my life can never tell you what I’m really like. And so, I’ve prepared a block of text filled with phrases that I keep in my Notes on my phone. Most of these are just phrases I thought of and jotted down sometime in my life. Some, I found through various experiences in my life. Enjoy

I shall be all that is good in the world. Cold as embers upon the night. But today is not that day. I weep towards the clouds tonight. What can these hands really hold? Oh, joyful height. Who reigns supreme in the bosom of night. Stands tall, sees far. Scimitar among the clouds. Who Endeavors in Free Spirit. Valkyries love thy bravery. Sound of music, rhythm of heart. Forged not of mighty flames or thick embers. The time isn’t right. I am what was once but is no more. I shall stand on the peak of glory. Gentle Immortal. Shall not fear this night. The cold tends to wither, But the bright tends to burn. Love is trust, not love. Death do us part. Against the darkness of the light. The wind blows thought such ordinary days. All dreams end when the dreamer awakes. The Warmth of the Heart. Dark have been my dreams of late. Nameless are they who do not speak. Oh, how the victorious have fallen from grace. My heart beats as if aflame. These hands will never hold anything. A prayer that transcends time. Upon this hill of sorrow. In this everlasting dream. I am the soul of my sword.  Flow like water, hits like rock. Epsilon Naught. Licht und Schatten. Glory lies beyond the horizon. I go now to the hall of my fathers, in whose mighty company.  Wjervnare.

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