Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Sometimes, Adding Lies is Better than Seeing the Truth As Zhao Kuo placed down his brush, the fresh handwriting on the new bamboo slips were almost the exact replicas of the original ones. Hundreds of thousands of lives. Just because of this little thing, they will fight to the death. After this war, my … Continue reading Chapter 39

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: A Lie as Large as the Sky Maybe it's because she slept so late last night, but when Gu Nan woke up, the sun was already three poles high. They should've already started eating breakfast. Gu Nan crawled up from her bed. Her hair was a little messy, but she was always too … Continue reading Chapter 38

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Prosperity Within the Flame Wang He sat before Bai Qi with a stern look. "The Zhao army shouldn't be aware of your arrival. Because of that, Old Bai, I still suggest that we need to act quickly and decisively." "...Quickly and decisively." When talking about serious decisions, Bai Qi naturally didn't continue joking … Continue reading Chapter 37

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: You're Afraid it'll Embarrass Me Changping, located in the Shanxi region, began to cool beginning in October of every year. By the year's end, the weather was frigidly cold. When Gu Nan arrived, the weather was under a bout of heavy snow. The prepared furs were taken out and worn for some additional … Continue reading Chapter 35

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Peace on the Road Meng Wu carried his halberd and gave a squinted stare at his opponent. Although he didn't believe that Gu Nan could defeat him, he remained wary and on guard. The lion uses all of its strength to catch a rabbit. Because of this, Meng Wu's hand on his halberd … Continue reading Chapter 34

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: What Else is there but to Wait for Death in this Army? How many people is a hundred thousand? At this scale, it becomes just a number, because they are uncountable. Gu Nan has never seen this before, therefore she didn't understand the concept. But if someone has, then the size and magnitude … Continue reading Chapter 31

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: No Path Behind "Hm." A black iron set of armor was carefully set on Gu Nan's body. Although she wore several layers of clothing, the wintery metal sent a clear chill through her. Underneath, Gu Nan had changed from the usual white gown into a fresh uniform. She also wore a pair of … Continue reading Chapter 30