Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Not at Home for the Night, Best tell the Parents No one continued writing, and no one presented any more poems. After Young Master Gu's poem, they all concluded that it surpassed theirs in all aspects. It was a poem of deep love. Behind the platform and the soft gauze sheet, the Painting … Continue reading Chapter 24

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Painting Fairy The wine continued to be drunk over an awkward, intermittent silence. Gu Nan wasn't sure why, but Zhao Yiren always took the initiative to talk, whatever the topic may be. Just as Gu Nan thought about finding an excuse to leave, the nearby crowds broke out into a small commotion. "Painting … Continue reading Chapter 22

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Fledgling in the Brothel "Oh, gentlemen, I have not had the pleasure to see you in a while. Girls, come out and greet the guests." "Haha, yes. It has been a long time. Would we be fortunate enough to see Painting Fairy today?" "It would be your luck, Miss Painting Fairy is preparing … Continue reading Chapter 21

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: History of the God of Slaughter The Battle of Changping, historically, was Bai Qi's last battle. In this battle, Bai Qi defeated Zhao Kuo and the amassed army of Zhao, slaughtering four hundred thousand enemy troops in less than two months. It is considered the most famous army annihilation in history. It is … Continue reading Chapter 18

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: The Fighting at Changping Glancing at Gu Nan’s incoming sword strike, Ghost Valley felt a happy excitement fill his face. Not bad, her sword is imbued with a distinct aura. The essence was condensed and propelled, giving the sword a domineering feeling. With such a narrow, focused thrust, the strike would feel unavoidable … Continue reading Chapter 17

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Product of the Sword The doors of the manor were rolled open. Bai Qi shook the flakes of snow off his shoulders. Untying his dark cloak, he handed it to the waiting housekeeper. Ghost Valley was sitting quietly in the main room, contently sipping some recently-brewed tea. Ever since he committed to teaching … Continue reading Chapter 16