Chapter 31

Chapter 31: What Else is there but to Wait for Death in this Army? How many people is a hundred thousand? At this scale, it becomes just a number, because they are uncountable. Gu Nan has never seen this before, therefore she didn't understand the concept. But if someone has, then the size and magnitude … Continue reading Chapter 31

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: No Path Behind "Hm." A black iron set of armor was carefully set on Gu Nan's body. Although she wore several layers of clothing, the wintery metal sent a clear chill through her. Underneath, Gu Nan had changed from the usual white gown into a fresh uniform. She also wore a pair of … Continue reading Chapter 30

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: At the End of the Year, the Soldiers Leave "Ah~~" Gu Nan got to her feet and did her morning stretch. Her thin nightgown lazily sprawled over her, revealing some white skin on her shoulders. The sky still remained dark, although the edges of light signaled that dawn was imminent. Her injury was … Continue reading Chapter 29

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Is it that Lord Wu'an Can't Lift the Blade, or is Dongzhan so Proud? After three rounds of drinking and coupled with the wine from earlier, even with her enormous capacity, Gu Nan was flushed red and teetered on the line of half-drunk and soberness. The wine rested nearby, and the two drinking … Continue reading Chapter 26

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Not at Home for the Night, Best tell the Parents No one continued writing, and no one presented any more poems. After Young Master Gu's poem, they all concluded that it surpassed theirs in all aspects. It was a poem of deep love. Behind the platform and the soft gauze sheet, the Painting … Continue reading Chapter 24