So, being the young adult/teenager that I am often troubled or thrown into contemplation about some life’s issues. A motto I have is that “If you don’t get depressed after thinking about something, you’re not thinking hard enough.” But even I find that too downcast and pessimistic sometimes. Although the long-term may sometimes seem bleak, the short-term is where the joy in life truly lies.

False Love
There is a part of love that I despise, the false love. The type of love that has been in used since antiquity. Sun Tzu mentions it in the Art of War and has led to the downfall of kings and nations. I dislike seduction. Rather, I loathe it. To me, false love is akin to sacrilege. In ancient times, this was predominately used as a means to ensnare men of meaningful positions. In the modern era, men have also become the perpetrators. I despise this equally if not more so.

A question I’ve always been pondering is if ambition is good. And more specifically, how already successful people view ambition in others. For there are two arguments both for and against it. An ambitious person not good for a company because it does not adhere to a stable job. They may try to do too much or expect too much. Or perhaps they may leave and the company is forced to re-hire and re-train. However, another approach that I can predict is that ambitious persons will be valued for their drive and pursuit.

I believe in a basic formula. Ambition + Talent = Success. Talent is vital as if there is no capability to achieve anything and all there is foolish ambition then nothing will ever be accomplished. Similarly, ambition is vital in that it is what drives someone forward. There have been plenty of people with IQs higher than say, Einstein. However, few of them really amount to much. Simply because they don’t have the ambition to find a solution.

However, this is not to say there is no possibility for success. Granted, you cannot make talent. However, there will always be something that you are more talented at than others. All that needs to be done is to nurture that and you can be exceptional. Same thing with ambition. Once you find your talent, find a goal that will constantly drive you forward. Find a reason to achieve that goal.

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