Chapter 49

Chapter 49: War Sometimes Looks Overwhelming Reinforcements are not coming. Throughout the Zhao army, it collectively collapsed in light of this news, but no one expressed anger or fury, suppressing it within. All the commanders spread Zhao Kuo's declaration, dispelling the anger and leaving no one to speak another word of reinforcements. Some men began … Continue reading Chapter 49

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Mourning Soldiers Will Surely Prevail On the mountain road, Gu Nan, armor and all, rode Blackie through the twisting paths, stopping at a junction in the road. Nian Duan was sitting in front of Gu Nan and was somewhat red-faced as she half-clung to Blackie's neck. Feeling that Gu Nan stopped the horse, … Continue reading Chapter 48

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: When Walking in the Cold, You'll Find Yourself Sick "Hey, why do not you listen to others? You can't go out!" Nian Duan cried out hurriedly and with exasperation. Gu Nan was wearing no armor, only a cloth gown with a fur cloak draped over her shoulders. Her figure felt a bit thin … Continue reading Chapter 47

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: In All, I Also Don't Want to Fight The battle between the Qin and the Zhao resumed soon later, coalescing into sounds of melee with the pounding of the war drums. For two days, the armies carried out more than ten battles; whether it was big or small, the fighting was unceasing. Charging … Continue reading Chapter 46

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: It's Easier to Talk with Money "Reporting." "Come in." Zhao Kuo eased his tensed eyebrows, feigning a neutral expression. Entering was his deputy general, the man who handled the assault. "General." The veteran commander bowed with an embarrassed expression. Zhao Kuo hurriedly stood up and helped the man up from the bow. "In … Continue reading Chapter 45

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Casually Finding a Doctor, Maybe Luck's not that Bad Wang He fell silent. Towards the politics and drama of the imperial court, he was only faintly familiar. But among what he had heard, there were some rumors the King was preparing to act against Lord Wu'an. But these were still merely fleeting rumors. … Continue reading Chapter 44

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: So Much Danger but Still Not Dead It's not known when the Zhao army finally retreated. It's also unknown when the camp walls were relieved from the sounds of killing. Maybe, it was after the Qin infantry successfully attacked the Zhao rear. Afterward, the Zhao army receded in a disorderly rout. The initial … Continue reading Chapter 43

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Fighting to the Death "Quick! Get your weapons, prepare for battle!" "Archers! Form up!" "Cavalry, follow me!" "Wood and stone, wood and stone! Bring it to the walls!" There was the ceaseless pounding of footsteps, men roaring orders, and mayhem. Gu Nan frowned as she slowly opened her eyes. Hearing the voices and … Continue reading Chapter 42

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: In Xianyang, the East Market to the City Gate is only Four or Five Steps. "Splash." Gu Nan doused some cold water on her face. The stinging cold numbed and eased her shaking hands quite a bit. The dried blood caking her hands was washed away in the tent's small basin. The cold … Continue reading Chapter 41

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: No Problem, Promises are to be Kept "Miss Gu, General Bai calls for you." A voice of a soldier came from outside. It was inappropriate for ordinary soldiers to enter her tent, so guards were stationed outside to relay messages. Hearing the voice, Gu Nan placed down the bronze sword that she was … Continue reading Chapter 40