Chapter 2

Chapter 2: It's Not Easy to Have a Meal. The streets weren't very spacious and were quite crowded, especially at noon. But the old man kept on walking leisurely. He always found the crack in the crowd and brushed right past. Gu Nan did not hesitate to follow the old man, gradually matching his pace. … Continue reading Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Not All That is Old is Weak “Steamed cake, steamed...” "Come take a look! Good meat! Come!" "More! Bring wine!" In the raucous market, the majority present were commoners that wore rags and spare linens. Taking out a few strings of copper coins, they bought only what they needed. In this troubled era, … Continue reading Chapter 1

Chapter 17: Summoning Master

The Summoner Swordsman's most vital piece of advice: absolutely never be alone. [Consumes 1 skill point, Moonlight Sword 1/5, Proficiency C - Moonlit Flower Unlock] [Consumes 1 skill point, Summoning Master talent tree opened.] [Summoning Master First-level talent unlocks: Soul Resonance (Increases number of simultaneous summons, can be upgraded) Spirit Call (Increase connection with summons, … Continue reading Chapter 17: Summoning Master