Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Product of the Sword The doors of the manor were rolled open. Bai Qi shook the flakes of snow off his shoulders. Untying his dark cloak, he handed it to the waiting housekeeper. Ghost Valley was sitting quietly in the main room, contently sipping some recently-brewed tea. Ever since he committed to teaching … Continue reading Chapter 16

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: First Snow Above Xianyang It was November and the snow started to appear over the lands of Qin. The wintery winds felt dry and passed through the clothes unabated. The occasional snow flurries layered itself on the ground carelessly. The protruding eaves were covered with a coating of snow. The wind may rustle … Continue reading Chapter 15

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Blackie's Face "Horse riding, at its simplest form, has three parts." Wang Jian said from atop his maroon horse, showing her the various rein positions and postures. Although he may seem easily distracted, when it comes to serious matters, that clumsiness is quickly washed away. "The first is attitude. Being humble with your … Continue reading Chapter 14

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Some Horses are Lifelong, Better Treat It Well Wang Jian was woken from his daze by Gu Nan's voice. If he hadn't been alerted, who knows how long he'd be staring. He hurriedly greeted and said, "Sister is diligent and has made great breakthroughs, your future is unlimited." Gu Nan rolled her eyes. … Continue reading Chapter 13

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: I Don't Understand Sword Training The cold blade pierced forward in the scorching midday sun. The sword and the arm holding it trembled violently as if a held by a feeble old man. But it was by no accounts an old man, it was a girl with a heroic demeanor. Albeit, not right … Continue reading Chapter 12